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Maple Apple Walnut Tart

Confession time: We LOVE apple pies, and there's just something about baked apples, spices and a good ole buttery crust that hits the spot every time. We wanted to create something that had a bit of everything we love about apple pies and then some and in true Anique's Edibles fashion we did.

This fruit and nut sensation is easily becoming one of our favourites. 🤤 It has a seasoned crust, a maple roasted walnut cream (yes it sounds that good), apple seasoned with spices along with caramelized walnuts #orgasmic

Take a minute let us introduce you!

The Crust: Our pie/tart crusts are all seasoned with complimentary ingredients to support overall flavour enhancement. No, we can't tell you what we use it's a secret 😉

The Filling: A smooth and creamy maple roasted walnut cream. That's right, the walnuts are roasted in maple syrup before being made into this delicious goodness #yummy

The Fruits: We decided to add sliced golden delicious apples on the outer layer. Not only is it easy on the eyes but there is enough room for our caramelized walnuts, yes, even more nuts lol!! We decided to use these apples because of their crisp sweet texture which complements the overall flavour of our tart. #YES

The Nuts: Yes, we added more nuts! 😂 Our signature caramelized walnuts were added to the centre of this edible masterpiece to create our finished look. #ohyessssss ❤

The Grand Finale: Once our tart is fully assembled, it is then brushed with our maple syrup spiced glaze. This glaze is brushed over the tart repeatedly during the course of baking, oh yes, we take our time when creating our products!

This is the perfect combination of fruits and nuts, perfect for the fall and winter seasons but to be honest we'll eat this year-round 😂😂

Introducing the newest member of our pie family: Maple Apple Walnut Tart

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